Uva Satellite: Berlin

23. März 2018 - 23:59

10997 Berlin Germany

Satellite: something that is separated from or on the periphery of something else but is nevertheless dependent on or controlled by it.

Introducing a new event series taking elements and fragments of Uva Festival to cities around Europe. The first signal emits from Birgit&Bier in Berlin.

– Dorado (Downpitch Recordings)
– Tomas Station (Downpitch Recordings)
– Romain Azzaro / (AAITF / Rouge Mécanique Musique)
– Ohxalá (CasaCaos)
– BirdzZie (Tropical Twista Records / VOODOOHOP)
– Tugce Kurtis (Kybele)
– Moody Collective (Carl Cousin / Clemens K. / Nico Fiftyfour)